Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Christa. I am a mother of three boys and two beautiful girls. I am A stay at home mom with a degree in civil engineering. I love painting, crocheting, baking, piano, and anything I can do with my hands. My favorite projects right now are finishing our basement where I have learned how to plaster, drywall, hanging insulation, and tile.

My life is crazy Right now. Between chasing boys and feeding a baby plus no energy from being pregnant I stay pretty busy. And in between those moments I say some of the craziest things. You know how everybody celebrates those crazy things that kids say, have you ever stopped to listen to yourself? When I’m telling my stories to my friends and family I finally hear exactly what I say, and this is where I’m going to share them. So now I can see those funny moments in my life between all the craziness and hopefully put a smile on yours too.