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Toilets and Toddlers

Man, what is it with toddlers and toilets? As soon as you turn your back they are all over it! Violet is one and won’t keep her hands out of it no matter who or what is deposited inside! Can’t keep the door closed all the time though because Gemma, the two year old, is potty trained (all by herself). And why it takes kids 20 mins to poop is beyond me! Lol!

Because of such a challenge Gemma occasionally flushes the potty herself, or one of the other 3 kids forget to clothes the door, for whatever reason… my husband and I found ourselves with an extremely plugged potty. Nothing could fix it! We tried the plunger, we tried the snake, we tried draino! (As a side note, this has happened before, but last time it was because my oldest had the hardest poop I had ever seen! It’s sad when the answer you hope for is poop!) Finally we came to the realization that this was one of those dreaded instances where the toilet would have to come off.

I got to work, and it only got worse! I got the snake again, cleaned it out, got some flow, but not enough. I managed to get the snake all the way through so I could see it coming out the bottom even so I know the main block was out. But the. I filled it with water again and… nothing.

At this point we still have no idea why. It just doesn’t make sense! The snake goes through without any problem! I had to stick my hand up as far as I could from the bottom and could barely feel something! So hubby gets out some tools and hooks and stuff. He tried and tried to pull whatever the heck it was out, but it would not give up!

My hubby and I both had given up at this point and were debating if we should just get a new toilet and break this one just to find out what was inside! I finally had a brilliant idea! So we put the toilet in the tub upside down and filled it with water to hopefully dislodged the thing back the other way. Now, stay with me, I flipped the toilet completely around backwards following the water flow so the mysterious thing came back out the top. Add water and rotate counter clockwise. Clever right?!

And guess what!? It worked! It was a comb! A freakin toy comb! I have my suspicions on who put it there, but can not confirm! And look it even smiles at you like, “Hah! Take that!” Needless to say, that toy went straight in the garbage! And so did all of our other play combs!

See! It’s just mocking me. But, my bathroom is extremely clean now for the time being!


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