Powder, powder everywhere.

I love those moments as a mom when you finally get a few seconds da to yourself in the shower. They are so peaceful! It doesn’t matter what is going on in the rest of your house because you can enjoy the peace. Until your 6 year old comes in and says that your 4 year old dumped powder everywhere. Peaceful shower moment over! This is what I came out to.

My first clue this was not good was when my 6 year old was white, like dusty white. I don’t mind vacuuming up the powder, but what drives me crazy is that it gets in every little crack! My 8 year old use to do this all the time, and we still have tots that have powder on them because I could never get it off!

Thank goodness Mom’s can laugh! Here is the conversation I had with him after.

I don’t think he learned much! Lol!


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