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Just Keep Your Mouth Closed!

Yeah, this totally just happened. It is one of those moments when your glad you didn’t make time to take a shower yet because you would be doing it again. Sometimes your just grateful for one shower, but to have to take two? I don’t have time for that!

Ever had a reflux baby? If not, consider it a blessing. All five of my babies have had reflux. Aka, they throw up a lot all the time. It’s one of the reasons why babies have to be so dang cute because if not, all the gross stuff would not be worth it!

Ok, so my baby is 11 months now and she still has reflux. She throws up a lot so my clothes smell like throw up all the that me, but this is extreme. She holds her own bottle so while she was drinking her bottle I ran downstairs to check on another kid, then came right back up. Violet was starting to fuss so a picked her up and this happened!

Yup, my face is all goofy because there is spit up all over it!

It starts on my lips and goes all the way down from there. There was also some splash across my eye. I maybe should have just got in the shower with all my clothes on because I needed new everything!

Hey, I am just grateful that my mouth was actually closed!


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