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Irish twins are tough!

Wow! It was a long eventful night last night! Really it was just a lot of work. My sweet hubby came home early so I could go to the temple, but (despite that online it said it was open) it was closed. I had a nice quiet drive though.

When I got back there was chaos! One child had peed all over the bathroom ( I swear it’s just because I cleaned it earlier), dinner was partly on the table, and one baby had gotten into the dish soap. Dad had had it and it had only been an hour! Poor guy!

I helped get the house back in order and got everyone dinner while he took care of the mess in the bathroom. After dinner it was still a mess! Violet had covered herself with peaches, Gemma was screaming at everyone, William was crying because he didn’t want to eat, Jaxon wanted more bacon and wouldn’t eat anything else, and Vincent wouldn’t stop eating so we could clean up. Basically, we were done and counting down until bed time.

I picked up Violet and didn’t even know where to start! So, into the sink she went! Then because Gemma is not much older, into the sink she went too! They had a blast and threw water everywhere. It was exhausting and adorable!

But at least no one was screaming at anyone finally! The mess of water was totally worth it!

And right after… everyone went to bed! Dad and mom enjoyed a peaceful evening of movies and ice cream with lots of hot fudge! It’s the answer to all the chaos of Irish twins!


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