Where did you get that gum!?

Kids can be super tricky and super fast some times. It doesn’t matter if you are watching them non stop, they still manage to get into things they are not suppose to. Hence my youngest boy William is going to have the toughest immune system ever!

Babies find something and immediately it goes into there mouths. The first child you are super paranoid and wash everything as soon as it hits the ground! The second kid… not so much. The third kid your just lucky if you see them put it in their mouth let alone get it cleaned first! (That’s one of the ways I found out that glow sticks are non toxic.) Lol!

Everyone has their limits though of what is too far. There is always something that is just plain gross.

We totally love the dollar store. The kids think it’s great because they can buy anything they want in the store with their one dollar! We also don’t go very often because they have small carts and I have 5 kids making it hard to contain all the craziness. Places literally get my business based on the cart (or lack of) that is available. I manage to get everyone out of the car, in the store, and get what I need without too many disasters occurring. At the check out I look down at my three year old and I notice he did chewing gum! Now, we did not come into the store with gum in anyone’s mouth, and he didn’t grab any while we were wandering through the store. In a very dramatic way I asked me where he got the gum. He replied that he found it on the floor. He had picked up a piece of already chewed gum off the floor and popped it in his mouth! So gross! Some strangers gum! I guess I should just be grateful that he didn’t swallow it like he does with all the pieces of gum that I give him.

See, we are just building up his immune system for when he is older! He picks up germs all over the place, but maybe we will refrain from the gum off the dollar store floor! 😉


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