Don’t lick the car!

Yup, he did it! I swear we just covered this! Well, maybe it was about a year ago. Check it out Don’t Lick the Window. Apparently I was a little too specific.

We were all over at my friends house yesterday. I was trying to get back home and had lost my keys (which I do a whole lot). In the process I was rounding up kids. William ran outside to the car so I ran after him to check and see if my keys got left in the car. I turned to run back inside to get another kid, and there William was. He was full on, tongue out, licking the side of the van! Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if I had just washed my car, but I haven’t done that in months. So gross! So while I ran back inside you could hear me yell,”William, don’t lick the car!”

At least when he was licking the window there was left over popsicle or something. This was just licking dirt! Not to mention bug guts and such!

Just a little peak at the next post, after putting this in his mouth he is going to have the toughest immune system ever!


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