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No walking around poopy

Seriously! Who knew that one would have to explain this! When we poop in our underwear, stop and change it!

About a year ago we were visiting family and Vincent comes walking in the room, he is my oldest. This horrendous smell files the room.

“Vincent,” I asked, “Did you have an accident?”

Now, Vincent has been potty trained for years but still struggles some time with pooping in his pants. I am pretty sure it has something to do with there is no time to poop when you have very important playing to do! At this time he knows when he has pooped he has to go fix it. I gave up to the point where he fixes it all by himself because I was really done cleaning out dirty underwear.

He replied, “Yes.”

“You need to go fix it please.” Was my response.

He turned around and with really sincerity asked, “Why?”

All the adults started laughing to themselves! Meanwhile I went up to Vincent and explained the reasons behind good hygiene. Go figure! Hey, it wasn’t bothering him so why worry about it. Lol!

About a month ago we decided to modify Vincent’s bunkbed. He is in his own room but we didn’t want to store the other half of the bunkbed so we just set the whole thing up. He sleeps on the top, and they are wooden. We thought we would turn it into a platform bed like the ones that have a desk underneath. As we were doing this we had to pull the bed out from against the wall. There had been a funny smell in his room forever, but it wasn’t awful so we checked everywhere we could and found nothing. Yeah, behind the bed was poop! Not a lot of poop, just a piece about the size of a penny! So gross!

Now, fast forward to a week ago. My wonderful parents came to my house to clean my carpets. So I moved all the furniture upstairs. Again, for awhile my hubby would come home and say something smells in here. We searched everywhere trying to figure out what it was with no luck. So, I moved the couch to vacuum before my parents arrived to clean my carpets and it looked like there was a raisin behind the couch. I bent down and picked it up. Note to new parents! Never pick up a raisin looking thing anywhere in your house without gloves on! It was poop!

So now I have a new reason why we change our underwear as soon as we poop. If you don’t it finds it way into secret parts of your home and makes it stink for no obvious reason until you find it months later and mom ends up picking up poop with her hands! So not cool! Lol! That is why I am very grateful to live in a day where delicious smelling soap, hand sanitizer, and lotion is readily available! 😂


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