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Clothes are not optional

Why is it that toddlers love having their clothes off? It’s like they are a heavy burden that they have to carry around. Then you start potty training and your lucky they will wear anything.

My youngest is a very obstinate three year old. Ever since he got sick and could remember it he realized he got special treatment and has been milking it ever since. He also likes to get very upset when he gets really hot and asks me to take his shirt off, then I take it off and he yells at me about how he didn’t want his shirt off.

He walks into the bathroom and screams for me until I come and then insists that he can’t use the potty by himself. He can’t pull down his pants, he can’t pull down his underwear, he can’t get on the potty, and so on. Now, he is very capable of doing it on his own.

After we have been through all of this and he finally washed his hands and I have moved on to the next baby problem he comes out naked. So now I get him to go back to the bathroom, get more underwear. Sometimes he comes back dressed and ready to go, until I check for underwear. Usually there is none! How can that be comfortable in any way! Especially jeans!

The other day we were at grandma’s house having a nice dinner. A couple of my sisters and their kids and husbands were over. Kids are running around like crazy and it’s a great time. Suddenly here comes William trotting around the kitchen butt naked! He came with all his clothes on for sure, but we had spaghetti for dinner and his shirt was taken off to save it from a disastrous ending. Well, apparently he had gone to the bathroom himself (hurray!), but would not get dressed by himself (boo!). Like any good boy would do he came to find me for help, didn’t even try to do it himself of course. It was really hilarious! Everyone just burst out laughing! Worst part is I saw him naked and it didn’t even phase me! It was totally normal! Lol! I guess we need to work on modesty a little bit more at my house!


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