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Remember the little moments

I have just been thinking a lot lately about my kiddos. Life can be super hard! I feel like I am in that mommy is super irritable phase and I’ll admit there’s yelling. There is also some nagging and complaining and frustration going around at our home. Hey, we all have our moments right?!

When these times come up I am really glad that I have pictures of these moments.

Isn’t he the best! Vincent took Gemma on a ride around the circle on his bike!

And then she wanted to ride this motorized four wheeler that we have. It is the slowest thing ever! Vincent then put her on that with him and rode around the circle again!

Then we went inside and Jaxon does this

He never holds still but for his sister he will do it! He was telling her stories and pointing out all the cool stuff in our backyard. They sat together forever! I just love it!

Moms do make a difference! They had to learn how to love and treat there sister somewhere right! And don’t worry, after these pictures they were back together normal again. 😉

So as life goes on and you have many days of yelling and chaos, people hitting each other, children crying, just remember why it’s all worth it!

(And yes, they have on no shoes and socks, but at least they are smiling.)

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