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Don’t dance on the fireplace

In general I let me kids climb on everything in the living room. They are not allowed on the back of the couch however. The fireplace is totally free game (plus it is also a great place to store the laundry 😉). We have like a bench fireplace so keeping the kids off of it it definitely not an option. Well, I suppose I could but for the sake of my sanity I don’t care.

My sweet little Gemma girl loves music. I figured this out the other day when I turned on the tv to some music and she started dancing! It was adorable! I had to get a video of it right?! The only problem was she was standing on the fireplace. Do you see where this is going? Here let me show you…

After I made sure she was ok I just laughed and laughed! Yup! I am totally that kind of mom. Plus how often do you actually get these kind of things on video? I never do!

Poor girl! She is a cutie though and has not danced on the fireplace since! 🙂


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