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60 to snow!

Spring is here! I get super excited for spring because everything feels fresh and new. That and it means summer is almost here! As soon as the snow ❄️ is gone I jump right into summer mode (the tramp does go up at about this time if we want to be literal)! No jackets outside, shoes are optional, and it’s time to play outside all day!

Yesterday was a perfect example of this. We went on a walk in the morning and went to the park. It was a gorgeous day! Then after lunch we went to a different park then home to play outside. Th sun was out and it was just on the verge of being hot.

We had a blast! I think the high was in the 70s. So there was definitely not jackets! I am not very good at putting sunscreen on myself or my kids and yesterday the thought never even occurred to me. We all got sunburned! I just love being outside and active.

Today is a whole different story. This is a very typical spring where I am from. It still surprises me every year. We woke up to snow! Only in Utah do you get a sunburn from playing outside in the sun one day to freezing because there is snow outside the next day!

It does make it a challenge with kids because you never quiet know when it is officially time to put away all the winter clothes! You also have to come up with something entertaining to do inside because now they all have spring fever and won’t hold still! Gotta love it!


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