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Unfolded laundry is not life threatening

Man, it was just one of those days. I had everything planned out just right. I was stepping out of my box and being a good mom by volunteering for Vincent’s spring party at school, I would have time to fold the 3 loads of laundry that were hanging out in the living room, Jaxon had a karate test in the evening. I was totally prepared.

Um, guess again! It was a completely crazy day! Jaxon refused to play nice with anyone that morning so the hardened I tried to get caught up the more I got behind. I swear that is the story of every mother life! We had just finished up lunch when my sweet friend offered to take my kids for me for an extra hour before I had to be at Vincent’s school for the party. I was so grateful because now I could get the laundry folded that had been sitting in my living room for three days! Of course I had to feed myself first. Right after I finished my sandwich of the classic and easy peanut butter and jelly sandwich I got a text saying the party was starting now!

I totally freaked out! Thank goodness my friend already had my kids and I had loaded in the car the night before 🙂. That could have been really bad! I dashed over to the school and booked it inside. I was already in a state of chaos and then I stepped into a first grade classroom… chaos amplified!

I have to say that this was my first time ever volunteering for a party at the school. I had no idea what I was doing or how long it would take. I chose bunny plates, where you glue cotton balls to the paper plates and make a bunny! Apparently, for first graders to do this in 15 minutes on a group of cluttered desks might have been a little much. The first group didn’t finish, but the rest of the groups did with a lot of added stress and again, more chaos!

After the hour and a half was done I was wiped! But little did I know this was just the beginning.

I had told my friend I was going to watch her kids while she went visiting teaching and that I would just watch them at her house. Oops! I totally spaced piano lessons! Thank goodness for alarms on my phone 🙂. So after 10 minutes of chaos I got my older son to run home, get Jaxons piano books, and walk him to lessons around the corner. Problem number two taken care of! Not to bad for a days work!

Except, neither child came back. So logically I went to the piano teachers house and waited for them. Nope, they weren’t there. We had recently installed a Ring doorbell. It’s a doorbell that runs through your phone and has a camera on it to detect motion. My alarm for motion went off while I was sitting in the driveway of the piano teachers house so I pull up and he footage and sure enough there are my two kids! Thank goodness they are responsible enough to stay together and to go back home!

Somewhere in between all this my three year old had also wet his pants so he was running around in just underwear. I think we finally got everything settled back down at 5. I then received a text from the hubby telling me he was going to be a little late and that Jaxon needed $15 for his karate class at 5:30. Oops, I had forgotten to get dinner ready… cereal it is! And who has cash just lying around the house anymore? I sure didn’t. At least not in a way to make $15. And the three year old wet his pants… again.

I got Jaxon fed and off with dad and his $15, and William wet his pants at the same time the baby was hungry and my toddler didn’t feel good because of an ear infection. I had had it. So I did what any sane person would do. I called for reinforcements!

I have these two wonderful friends who don’t have kids and they dropped whatever they were doing and ran over to my house to help! How amazing is that! Not only did they hold babies, but they let me take care of the sick one and folded all of my laundry! They said I sent out the bat signal! Lol! They literally saved my sanity!

I am so blessed with how everything turned out. No one ended up in the er so that’s a winning situation and no one even got yelled at. So thank goodness life does not depend on laundry getting folded because it would never had happened this week!


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