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Don’t eat in the bathroom

Yeah, I totally just said that to my three year old. He is recently potty trained and he freaks out about leaving whatever he has in is hand. Being the middle child is rough and he is sure someone is out to take it whatever it might happen to be.

Yesterday during lunch he had decided that he needed to go to the bathroom. I swear that as soon as you get everyone settled to eat they all decide they need to go potty and it has to be right then! Instead of just leaving his food safe on the counter her brought his entire plate into the bathroom!

Evidently telling him no plates in the bathroom was not enough. Today after everyone sits down for lunch, the same thing happens and he has to go potty. So he takes his chicken nugget and runs to the bathroom. I get in there and take his nugget away and now he is crying of course. I get him on the potty and explain again that we don’t eat on the potty. His reply is that yes we do. Our conversation the. Went like this:

Me: “we don’t poop and eat.”

Son: “I like poop”

Me: “Do you like to eat poop?”

Son: “No, poop goes in the potty.”

Me: “Good, but do you want poop in your food?”

Son: “No.”

Me: “That’s why we don’t eat and poop.”

Son: “Yup, (like this was all his idea to begin with) no food and potty.”

Yeah, as long as he thinks it was his idea to begin with, then we are good.

Now, how do I make cleaning up his room his own idea? I’ll have to work that one out! Lol!


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