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Kids, coins, and cars

So I keep thinking I will be able to go back and tell you all these stories from when my older kids where younger, by the thing is funny stuff just keeps happening!

A couple of months ago I was getting all the kiddos in the car. I told the older boys to get in their seats and William too. William was about 2 years old so of coursehe didn’t actually get in his seat. Instead he went to the front of the van and started playing with the change. Here is a picture of the radio and heater dash.

Do you see how the bottom switch isn’t moved all the way to the right? Yeah, that’s because he put a penny in the slot. Yup! That tiny little slot right there!

So I finally got around to uninstalling the cove plate to get the coin out so we could use the heater to it’s full extent. This is me!

Gotta love headlamps! This is the radio thing.

I figured while I was getting the penny out of the heater I would get the coins out of the tape player too. Vincent, the oldest who is 7 now, had done the same thing with the coins except he put them into the tape player. You think I would have learned to either remove all the coins from my car or not let the kids wander around the seats. Apparently I haven’t.

Anyway, so I get the radio unscrewed and I start shaking the radio and getting the one coin out that I thought was in there. One coin falls out, but the sound is still there. So I keep shaking and shaking … and shaking… and (guessed it) shaking.

He had put like 7 coins in there! I couldn’t believe it!

I only caught him doing one! The little stinker had snuck up there over and over again and put coins in the tape player!

So lesson finally learned! Don’t her your kids in the car with coins! On the plus side, there is almost enough coins to get myself a treat for figuring out how to uninstall the radio in my car! 😁


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