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Don’t Pee on me!

You know, boys are crazy. They have so much energy all of the time! They are constantly jumping on one another and wrestling on the floor. Any physical activity makes them happy. With three boys running around and a husband, who is just a bigger version of the little ones, if someone is not crying or hurt then it’s fair game 🙂! If not I would literally be pulling my hair out trying to keep things in control.

The other day William, Jaxon, and the husband were wrestling around on the floor as I am so ting on the couch just watching to see what is going to happen. Of course I am just waiting until someone gets hurt (the best thing for bruises is the doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil). Dad is on the floor with Jaxon on top of him and William was trying to get on top of Jaxon. I say trying because as William is giving his best effort to be involved Jaxon keeps kicking him off.

Why was he doing such a thing to his much smaller younger brother you ask? He was worried and yells by at his brother, and I quote, “Don’t pee on me William!”

That was his only concern, not he is hurting me or I can’t breath. He was concerned about the pee! I burst out laughing! Let’s face it with William potty training it was a valid concern. I did have him in the Gerber training pants, so if he did pee very little would actually get on him. But hey, at least I know Jaxon has his priorities straight! Gotta love that kid!


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