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Get out of the toilet!

So I really don’t like potty training. I have yet to potty train a girl, but man, boys are tough! My three year old is working on it right now and he does pretty good as long as he gets a treat after every time he goes. What if I forget the treat? It’s almost a guaranteed accident. (P.s. my favorite way to potty train is Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day. It has always worked well for us.)

Anyway, because he is potty training we don’t have a child proof lock on the potty (William is very independent and hates it when I help him). I have almost completely trained me kids to close the bathroom door when they are done because I have a 14 month old who loves the bathroom and constantly goes in there any chance she gets to empty every drawer and fall into the empty tub. As long as the lid on the toilet is down she pretty much leaves that alone, thank goodness!

The other day the door did not get closed to the bathroom and I had no idea. Suddenly I hear the 14 month old crying and it’s coming from the bathroom. Both not good signs and what do I come running to find? This…

Yup! She is literally sitting in the potty! She smiled at first like she was saying Hey mom, look what I did! Then reality set in…

She realized she was wet and stuck! I was very grateful that the tub is right next to the toilet because that is were she went next, right into the tub! The worst part was after I moved her from on the potty I found the whoever had used it last forgot to flush! How gross is that!

But hey, maybe this means she is going to be my easiest to potty train! Maybe she was just trying to get a head start! Lol! Got to love kids!


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