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Throw up on the sheets!

So, bunk beds are such a blast right? When I was little me and my sister had some. We would make forts by hanging blankets off the top bunk! Now we own two sets of bunk beds. My two youngest boys are in one and then the oldest has the other set. They love them. Jaxon thinks he is so cool because he gets to sleep in the top bunk.

So what is the bad thing about bunk beds? Flu season is here and we have all had it. The stomach bug that’s been going around is the worst! I have done so much laundry it’s ridiculous! By the way, I absolutely love OxiClean because it gets all the smells out!

Anyway, sweet little Jaxon apparently had the stomach bug flu thing, but we, his parents, had no idea! The hubby was getting him tucked into bed and I was reading to Vincent. All of the sudden I hear this scream from the husband! He was literally screaming like a little girl! So I bolt down stairs as fast as I can, and I hear “On the sheets Jaxon!”

Yup! You probably can guess the scene I ran in on. My husband was standing next to the bunk beds with throw up on him, and on the floor, … and all the way down the side of the bunks! Jaxon had thrown up, but over the side of the railing! Poor kid didn’t know what to do since dad was in n a state of panic and he didn’t feel good! I just burst out laughing! Hey, let’s face it! I was mostly laughing because it was him not me! Lol!

Here is my reproduction of the scene.

So if you get bunk beds here is a warning, make sure you tell your child to throw up on the sheets! It will save your spouse, and make for a much easier clean up!


2 thoughts on “Throw up on the sheets!

  1. This is reality in the rough. Way to put it out there. I notice you use the phrase, “I just burst out laughing.” Terri and I say the same thing a lot and now you…I’m convinced this came from our mothers.

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