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Too cute not to share,

So every year my husband as a white elephant gift exchange at his work. He always has to do something creative and reusable.. This year he is doing something very creative and I may just have to have him make me one. It was just too awesome not to share. We are both civil engineers so there is a lot of geek going on at our house. I still love all the creativeness that comes with civil engineering. We were trying to come up with some sort of engineering decorations for this white elephant present here is one of the things what we came up with.

He found these old engineering triangular ruler and decided to cut them up and make snowman out of them. He did all the cutting but I had to design a snowman. I love them! I think they are adorable and I just thought they were too cute not to share.

So first of all he went through and cut the ruler up with his grinder. He also made a little triangle cut outs on the sides to make it look like it had two or three pieces.

Then it was up to me to add the cute little decorations. I had very tiny little googly eyes that I hot glue gunned into place. Then I used orange pipe cleaners for the nose, and green and red pipe cleaners for the scarves. craft foam is used phone for the little hat. I cut out a little circle and a rectangle then attach the rectangle to the top of the circle. I used some puffy paint to make the buttons. I had to redo the smaller one a couple of times because I made the buttons too big beware of that. The bigger ones are easier with the buttons because they are further apart. We’re going to use a loop through the hat so the can be hung up. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

It occurred to me to that these would make the cutest little presents to give to your kids teachers for Christmas. I don’t know little late for this year but hey there’s always next year. Plus if you know any engineers and your family like me they would love them. Plus they take a total of like 5 minutes to put together. Have fun!

Materials list:
puffy paint
pipe cleaners
googly eyes
triangular ruler
craft foam


One thought on “Too cute not to share,

  1. These are great! I bet you could sell them. At first I thought they were thermometers. I wonder if you could make a snowman out of thermometers. I love that you’re a geek. Keep it up!


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