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The First Snow of Winter

Don’t You just love December!? It has such a magical feeling to it. There are so many things to be excited about, especially as a kid. I remember the excitement as you waited in anticipation for the first snow fall, to build that first snowman, and sledding!

As an adult, the first snow of the year can go one of two ways. It can be the best thing that happened to you since Thanksgiving, or it can be the worst day of the entire year!

So what makes it the best day since Thanksgiving? First of all, something finally happened to break up the wait for Christmas. Now your kids are excited to go outside instead of asking what they can have for presents or the never ending “How many days left until Christmas Mom?”  I love that finally it is worth going outside because there is something else to do besides wander around looking for something to do since all the summer toys have been put away for weeks! Next, its finally cold enough for winter coats and not that funny in between stage of too hot to go outside bundled up per mom’s order, but boring inside watching TV for hours. As a mom I love it when outside is way more entertaining then watching TV!

As for the worst day of the year for mom, its that day you relize that its going to take hours just to find all of the winter clothes! Through that hour you are searching you are praying the snow doesn’t melt before you find them. Then you panic because you have four kids, but only three pairs of snow pants, and you are short a winter coat after someone went through a growth spurt! Next the gloves are never put away in pairs so someone is bound to be missing at least one! Hopefully there are enough hats for each head and no one is going to fight over who has which one.

Then, once all that is over you have to get everyone dressed. Yup! Some kids can get it all done by themselves, but we are not to that stage yet. I line them up and dress them as fast and as warm as I can. It takes forever! No one can hold still either because it’s so exciting! After finally getting the last one ready and you can have a breather, the first one is ready to come back in!

Next, the drive way has to be shoveled which sometimes hubby can get to, but not all the time. My Dad trained me to not drive on the snow until it has been shoveled because it leaves those tire tracks that never melt. Now I can’t stand not having the drive way cleared! By the time that’s all done everyone wants hot chocolate to warm up. While they are drinking and getting nice and warm mom gets to find a place for all the extra snow stuff since I have been avoiding it until now. Sometimes that means cleaning a closet and going through clothes and jackets.

Let’s face it! For mom, the first snow is exhausting! (and yet so worth it for those smiles)


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