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Don’t put your bum in people’s faces!

I really don’t get boys sometimes. They truly have this crazy fascination with their body parts. Not only that, but then they feel like everyone else should have the same crazy fascination wither their body parts too! I thought Vincent was pretty bad, but he was nothing compared to Jaxon. He takes every opportunity to show off his stuff.
Lately, mostly because mom is too tired at bath time, we have what we have named as the Jones family wash. First, dad gets in the shower. Next, I send in one child who gets washed and then switches with another kid until everyone is clean. It’s a very effective way to clean kids.


The other night we were doing this for bath time. Gemma was laying on the living room floor kicking. Vincent got in and out, then Jaxon. Next was William who needs help undressing because he is two. Jaxon had left his pajamas in his room so he goes wandering out to the living room with his sweet hooded towel (which are the best towels by the way) while I am helping William. I get William all dried off and head out to the living room and what am I greeted with? Jaxon is bent over with his bum right in Gemma’s face! No underwear or anything! He was practically sitting on her, because that is the number one thing to do when you don’t have clothes on is stuff your naked bum in people’s faces!

So, note to self, when you talk to your children about modesty make sure you let them know that not only do we act modestly to others but we also do not share our private parts with others. The best part was after I got him in trouble and off to put his pjs on, I go and tell my husband what Jaxon was doing. Best response ever, “Well, at least it was a clean bum!”

LOL! Just what I needed to hear!



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