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Something made it through!

I got to see a special moment the other day that I would thought I would share. My sweet little Vincent is growing up! He has become such a good helper especially with this pregnancy. He is always willing to go grab me things and to take care of his brothers. His favorite is taking care of Gemma of course.

I was juggling the other day keeping up with my kids and getting them lunch ready. So I asked Vincent, the 6 year old, for his help. He was able to get chicken nuggets out of the freezer, microwave them for William, and then put them on a clean plate for him to eat. The most touching part of all was that we say a blessing on the food every time we eat. Before William was allowed to eat, little Vincent wanted to say prayers. So what he did was turn to Williaman very nicely and asked him to fold his arms then asked him if he wanted to say the prayer. William of course said yes because he loves to pray. Then Vincent told him exactly what to say. It was such a special moment for me because I was able to see Vincent give an active service to me and to his little brother.


It was also a great reminder for me that sometimes the things that we do actually do make a difference as mothers. I was so grateful to see that my son had to learn how to pray and that he was able to teach someone else to do the same. It was such a sweet moment and I’m grateful for it. See, somethings moms do and say actually stick with our kids!


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