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The difference between toys and garbage.

So what is the difference between toys and the garbage the toys come in? Honestly in my opinion absolutely nothing. It’s like when you spend that $50-$100 on a huge toy that you think are just going to love, and what do they do? They play in the box! So, I recently tried one of the coolest toys… well, I don’t know if it’s exactly a toy. It’s more like A toy maker. Have you heard of the Bunch o ballons! I am a huge fan. They really work! You can literally fill up balloons in like 60 seconds, and it’s not just one ballon. It’s like 30 balloons at a time. If you’ve ever done a balloon game, these things saves you a ton of time. I used them last year for an activity days activity and it took me 10 minutes to fill up over 300 balloons. The best part was my fingers didn’t hurt after I was done!

Anyway, after I tried this for my activity days girls, I bought some for my boys. Today we got them out. Of course they loved them. Who doesn’t love water balloons? They can just make you, especially kids. Then when it only takes you a minute to fill up 100 water balloons, it’s totally worth it. Now to the point of my story. The balloons were great and lasted like 15 minutes for my kids to play with. They loved it! They had a great time, but the best part was after. So to fill the Buncha balloons they come on these plastic straws that hook to a hose connector. There’s a picture below.

For like 45 minutes after all the balloons were popped, this is what my boys played with.

And here’s a picture of what they did with them. They spent their time blowing bubbles through the top of the hose connector through the straws. It’s one of those things where I spent more money on the balloons then normal because I thought it would be worth the time it would save. It turns out, the money was worth it for the next 45 minutes to an hour of entertainment that the extra pieces provided. We didn’t even get to using them as a sprinkler either!
So what’s the difference between garbage and toys? For kids there isn’t one. I love their ingenuity and how much fun they can have with anything. Even my husband had to keep a few of them. He is such a kid at heart. They come up with some of the funnest things to play with. Got to love the garbage that comes with all of those great toys!

So the Bunch o ballons was definitely worth the price but the bonus was the thing that fills them up! With both things combined it was definitely worth the purchase.


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