Makeup, why do I even bother.

Let me start out by saying this is a story about me and not so much about crazy things mom say, but that's ok. I am pretty sure you'll still get a kick out of it.
So, I have makeup, it's there in my draw, and I usually wear it about once a week. That once a week is on Sunday because I go to church, and I feel like I want to look my very best and makeup makes me feel like I am doing that. I think that's why most people wear makeup, right?
Now here is the history part, I have only ever worn makeup on special occasions my whole life. I am not a huge girly girl. I love working with my hands and tools, I would rather have power tools for Christmas then almost anything else. When I was about 10 or 11 my parents got me a scroll saw and a belt sander for my birthday and it was the best. Anyway, I never had time for makeup. It just took up to much time and energy. P.s. I also have no idea how to do hair because I use to have naturally curly hair and all I had to do was throw some gel in my hair and go.
Lucky for me, and this is going to sound arrogant, but I have never really needed to wear makeup. I have great skin, and it almost looks like I wear a little bit of makeup because I have great natural highlights. I promise I am not arrogant, it really just come down to time.
Right now I have 4 kids and I am pregnant, I don't have time or energy for make up!
In high school I wore contacts but stopped after I got married for money reasons. Imagine how surprised I was that you actually can poke your eye with the mascara brush! Yeah, that hurts. I was doing it all the time but never noticed lol.
Anyway, so now I am over 30 years old and my skin has started doing this weird blotchy thing that also gets worse when I am pregnant. That means more makeup more often right? Maybe not because I am still pretty lazy when it comes to makeup. It just happened to be I was putting on my makeup on a Sunday, and I use liquid base first. I managed to somehow get a whole glob in my eye! Do you know how bad that hurts! This was not just a dab, but like a pea sized amount! Plus, this is the first time I have managed to get it in my eye and it hurt like crazy! My eye was red and watering and stinging, and I was like ok I'll just wipe it out and keep going. Ha, couldn't even keep my eye open to see what I was doing. Finally I had to take a q-tip and literally rub my eyeball with it! After that it felt better, and I finished getting ready.

Lol, it's a good thing makeup can help my self esteem or I would probably give it up altogether! So way to be all you girls for the pain and suffering we all go through just to look pretty especially for our husbands!


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