Pipes and balls don’t mix!

So, my oldest Vincent and I had an interesting conversation the other day. My kids are not allowed to turn on the hose without mom's permission for obvious reasons. One problem with this is William, my two year old, doesn't really understand this of course. Lately energy time he steps outside he runs to the hose and turns it n. Normally, he is so short he wouldn't be able to reach it, but we stacked some pavers next to the king so he climbs up on top of them and turns on the hose.

Now, why didn't I just move the pile of pavers? I have no idea. It actually didn't occur to me until right now that moving them would solve my problem! (I'll blame that on pregnancy brain. Lol!)

Anyway, Jaxon was out with William and turned on the hose, dragged it under the fence, then laid it on a drain that comes out at the bottom of a retaining wall.

I'm still not exactly sure how they got the hose to the drain, but they did. So, I hear the water go on, run out, get them to turn it off and put them in timeout. Then, I let them go back outside. The first thing William does is turn on the hose again. Like the responsible pregnant mother that I am, I then send Vincent out to turn off the water because I was sitting down and it takes a lot of effort to get back up.

So after about 5 minutes I notice that the water is still on, so now I have to get up and go see what is going on.

And this is what I find except with water gushing out too!

What the heck! So I proceed to ask Vincent what in the world he is doing in a not so patient way. He says well, I couldn't get William to turn the water off or move so I am stopping the water.

Oh, well … I guess that makes sense. Pretty sure I totally set myself up for this, and I responded poorly. Sometimes we need to take a step back and listen before getting angry for sure.

What a smarty! Vincent couldn't do what I wanted him to do so he figured out his own way to solve the problem. Gotta love that boy! Still, I had to explain that balls do not go in pipes.


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